When it Comes to Wedding Food, Meet Mr Right!

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Hi Everybody,

I am delighted to be teaming up with SkyMammy Weddings and being part of this new and exciting site that will be of enormous help to all you wonderful couples about to celebrate the most important day of your lives. Of course a very special occasion such as this deserves to have the best food, wine and service and that needs a bit of planning. You will not always be able to depend on your venue to provide all of this, there are plenty of important questions to ask and I am here to let you know those questions and provide the right answers if you do not get them. Many things can go wrong on the big day, even before and after it too, so knowledge and preparation is the key ingredient and after all my years working on weddings I will definitely make sure your special day is not let down by what you eat and drink. Having catered for literally hundreds of weddings there is not a lot I have not seen so I will be letting you have all my first hand experience and tips. On this blog site I will be pointing out the pitfalls from choosing the wrong menu to not looking after special diet guests, so that you will be armed with the information that guarantees you will have done everything within your powers to make sure the event you are hosting, paying for and hoping to be the most memorable day of your life will be a complete success.

Gerard Meade
(Wedding Food & Wine Specialist)

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