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Gerard Meade

I am delighted to be teaming up with SkyMammy Weddings and being part of this new and exciting site that will be of enormous help to all you wonderful couples about to celebrate the most important day of your lives. Of course a very special occasion such as this deserves to have the best food, wine and service and that needs a bit of planning.

 Of course a very special occasion such as this deserves to have the best food, wine and service and that needs a bit of planning. You will not always be able to depend on your venue to provide all of this, there are plenty of important questions to ask and I am here to let you know those questions and provide the right answers if you do not get them. Many things can go wrong on the big day, even before and after it too, so knowledge and preparation is the key ingredient and after all my years working on weddings I will definitely make sure your special day is not let down by what you eat and drink. Having catered for literally hundreds of weddings there is not a lot I have not seen so I will be letting you have all my first hand experience and tips.

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Natalia Pacios
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Gerald Meade was able to advise on menu choices that both nationalities would enjoy. He was excellent at putting together a menu where each course complemented the last. We would recommend him to other couples for advising being able to go into detail that most venues just do not have the time or expertise to do so. Gerry has experience across different roles within the catering industry, including management, menu advice and training of chefs . Being able to talk directly to a very experienced chef who will be impartial to the event itself is important. He was able to point out where there is value for money and where savings can be made without impacting on quality.
Ali Quinn
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Gerard Meade is indeed, one of the best out there and was committed to us as his clients. He fine-tuned every detail of our wedding meal, beginning with the initial meeting and culminating in a spread that was both elegant and affordable. His expertise turned our simple wedding into a gala event, with a meal greatly enjoyed by us and our guests.
Rachel Scoazec
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Gerry Meade is a very creative top chef. I strongly recommend his inspired recipes, as well as astute flair for quality food experience to the highest standards, for customers of all persuasions.
Cait Govern
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From our initial meeting with Gerry through to our tasting evening and on the big day itself, we were so happy. The food was delicious and even our fussier guests were catered for magnificently. Gerry was a pleasure to work with and he looked after us so well, I can't recommend him highly enough.


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